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Welcome to the Grand Adventure!

What better way to kick-off this fabulous blog section of our site than by introducing ourselves! Sure, you can read the About Us page. But let's dig a little deeper here so you can really get to know CTMC!

My name is Sammi! I'm the brains behind this little operation. I do most of the product designs, customer support, social media and product sourcing. My hubs, Jon, helps out a lot! He designs some of our more modern/minimalistic designs as well as all the branding.

We met in college and Jon quickly learned about my Dis obsession. I even requested to honeymoon to the most magical place, which he kindly obliged. He wasn't a massive fan before then... He is now. 😉

Our home is in Iowa, but our hearts are always in Florida. ❤️ We have two small humans who I get to stay home with, while I run this shop and do freelance writing. It's a huge blessing I don't take for granted! Well, I don't most days. Haha!


  1. Our goal is to visit ALL of the Dis resorts around the world!

  2. We collect and trade pins in the parks for fun! Jon loves the classic ride designs, I collect food pins.

  3. My fave movie is Mulan (but that changes often) Jon's is always Lion King.

  4. All of our designs are completely unique and created by us!

  5. Our dream resort to stay in is Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I started this venture on Etsy, and only half-heartedly promoted what I was doing. Recently, I really started thinking about how I want to be spending my time and what I invest my energy into. Besides my kiddos, I want a business that excites me and I can be proud of. That's why I'm throwing myself into CTMC head first! I'll be pushing out more social media posts and creating new designs to really deliver the kind of creations I can be proud of.

As a former tv news anchor/reporter, I looove writing! So, I thought this blog would be a great way to share my own tips for visiting Disney World and any fun news coming from the parks. If you have questions, feel free to reach out so I can try to help, or write a post to benefit everyone! I am not a fan of gatekeeping information, so feel free to share your own tips, too.

I can't wait to share more with you all and see how you enjoy our products on your own trips or at home! 💕 Feel free to follow along on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok!

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